Talib Saleh

Talib Saleh

Name Talib Saleh

Instagram www.instagram.com/talibjsaleh

Website www.talibsaleh.com

A soul journal www.asouljournal.com

Email talibjsaleh@gmail.com

Based in Traveling atm

Project description

Part of what Talib does in life is taking pictures – primarily for his own pleasure as well as for other interests. He spends most of his time exploring the world and working on personal projects. Recently he co-founded the successful photographic blog www.asouljournal.com.

Leaving a unique mark in the world and teaching others through art is the reason art exists. With photography, he can capture the fine moments in life which sometimes go unnoticed or even taken for granted.

He is currently moving around India working on personal projects as well as working on the blog with his partner.