I love the Seaside // Book

I love the seaside

Alexandra Gossink editor/writer, founder/owner

Dim Rooker design/art direction, founder/owner

Geert-Jan Middelkoop research, sales, distribution, founder/owner

Website www.ilovetheseaside.com

Instagram www.instagram.com/ilovetheseaside

Vimeo www.vimeo.com/173042913

Facebook www.facebook.com/ilovetheseaside

Email info@ilovetheseaside.com

Based in Scheveningen, Holland and Sagres, Portugal and on the road

Project description

The I Love the Seaside team creates printed travel guides for surfers, offering the best of both worlds: surfing and traveling. Their first edition ‘I Love the Seaside: The Surf & Travel Guide to Southwest Europe’ was published in spring 2016.
In order to write their first guide, the creators explored the shores of France, Spain and Portugal, extensively. What makes the guide unique is that it’s not just about the surf spots; it gives a good sense of the backdrop, scenery and atmosphere. It highlights the friendliest places that you’ll love to hang out, shop, eat and sleep; all personally selected because they’re run with the heart. It also helps you find other activities like horse riding, yoga, hiking, wine tasting and much more.

You can read little snippets of interesting info and short stories about inspiring local people, learn yoga tricks to help improve your surfing, and get knowledgeable about local food (and drinks!).


I Love the Seaside has been compiled with love and care by a team of creative surfers and travelers, who funded the publishing with the help of a very successful crowdfunding campaign. The guide is the perfect travel companion for anyone and everyone who uses the ocean as their compass, either surfing or just loving the seaside.

Written in the English language, the guide contains 386 pages and is filled with inspiring photography that reflects the atmosphere and surf lifestyle perfectly.


After their first success a Dutch publisher asked them to create 3 Seaside guides in the Dutch language that were published in summer 2017.

The team is currently busy creating a new Surf & Travel guide edition: the ‘I Love the Seaside Surf & Travelguide to northwest Europe’. This guide will be published in spring 2018.


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‘I Love the Seaside, roadtrippen langs de Atlantische kust’, (Dutch) 3 guides on roadtripping along the shores of France, Spain and Portugal, produced and created by I Love the Seaside, published by MoMedia.

Sponsors/collaborations: KEEN Europe, Roxy, Ripcurl, Creatures of Leisure, CSkins, Protest, Fatum, Rhythm.

Projects: currently producing, creating 
and publishing a ‘I Love the Seaside surf & travel guide to northwest Europe’ (English).